About us

Hospitalité Mayfair Management offers the best option for clients in the restaurant, hotel, tourism, and leisure industries, who wish to retain their independence and at the same time enjoying the highest level of management and marketing expertise.

We are a global team of hospitality management experts based in Gauteng, Johannesburg, South Africa. Our time tested experience grants us the technical know-how to work with our clients and develop their dreams into a reality, providing them with meritorious management and marketing solutions.

Upholding the core value of ‘Excellence in hospitality’ we continuously aim to achieve eminence in quality and to deliver the highest standards of practice. It leverages our experience, strength and achievements, having creatively and effectively addressed the challenges facing the hospitality industry and business in general.

Our company and highly qualified team provides comprehensive hospitality solutions and is dedicated to the development and implementation of custom design, demands for asset management, provision of advisory services to the restaurant, hotel, tourism and leisure industries, to clients who have investments in these sectors, or who are looking to enter them through development, acquisition or other means.

As such you will be supported by our advanced and sophisticated infrastructure and a highly experienced cosmopolitan management team who understands how to identify, tackle and resolve the core issues of optimizing revenue across the diapason – from upgrading revenue, assets management, increasing room sales, and enhancing the uniqueness and positioning of your property.

One thing is sure, we make a difference. Whether your establishment is new, unable to meet targets or just needs to improve its productivity and reputation, you are guaranteed strong and measurable results, based on our focus, knowledge, experience and expertise.

Team of Experts

All our Mayfair Hospitality consultants either have a tourism-related education or several years of working experience in the field of tourism. Our experts worked in famous hotels, successful Destination Management Companies or well-known tourism infrastructure facilities. The majority of our consultants are already many years with Mayfair Hospitality and therefore gained comprehensive project development know-how in their field of specialization.